Love is Love

I can’t explain what an absolute joy & honour it was to be asked to document this happy wedding day. If you want a definition of love then here it is, as plain as day, as the nose on your face, in black & white and all its unbridled technicolour! I have been friends with these girls for a long time and have had the privilege to witness their relationship blossom into something very rare and ultimately special.

Will Wareham was an absolute superstar as ever, shooting with that big ol’ heart of his, as well as his trusty Nikon

Oh, I really do love to be beside the sea and Nothe Fort provided a most spectacular backdrop to Amy & Zoe’s wonderful wedding. I consider myself fortunate to have had my first opportunity to fly the rainbow flag and photograph a same sex wedding. Strangely enough the only difference I could ascertain was that the girls had a remarkable ability to hold their liquor, compared to some grooms I have met.

love is love after all… 


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