In association with Will Wareham Photo

One can meticulously plan every detail of a wedding with best hopes and intentions but at the end of the day, proceedings are left to ‘Queen Serendipity’ to roll her dice. Finally, Hayley & Vishal’s day came around and the queen awoke in buoyant mood. She dressed in full autumn splendour and showered Larmer Tree Gardens with russets, coppers and golds; parrots, peacocks and flowers of all kinds; a little piece of Nirvana in the English countryside.

So many thanks to my great friend, highly skilled and keen eyed wedding photographer Will Wareham, for selflessly accompanying me to the meeting (pub), buying me a G&T (not on expenses) and capturing some most magical & memorable moments. Here are just a small selection of these:

As you may know, it doesn’t take a great deal – in fact, no excuse at all – for me to head for a meeting at a beautiful, country pub. The Museum Inn, hidden within the ancient depths of Cranborne Chase, in the heart of the luscious Wiltshire countryside is a treat in itself; even more so when the people I’m meeting people are a literal joy to be around. Apologies for the Trip Advisor spiel but I’ve known Hayley for many years and it was indeed a joy to finally meet Raj and both of their families in such a wonderful setting.

Another opportunity arose (no excuses) almost a year later and Will & I set off, to meet Hayley & Raj over a log fire & a Guinness and to finalise wedding details. A plan was beginning to form and it seemed to involve a colourful, cultural collision and the truest love of two families & their friends…