Do you look good in pictures?
Yes, in the dark at ISO 100, & my Mum says she seems to recall somewhat, when I was a baby..

How did you start working in the wedding photography field?
I worked caring for children & young people with emotional & behavioural needs for 15 years and needed a therapy after that. I found that with photography. I took the plunge & splashed out on a second hand DSLR – it was a bold move in hindsight (excuse the pun). I think I spent £350 on a second hand Nikon D80 body. I remember being asked by my girlfriend at the time, “You mean you don’t have a lens; you can’t even take a photo yet?!” That was the most money I had ever spent on anything but something drew me to take that step. I needed a creative outlet and weddings certainly offer that in spades!

What are the key elements that make a photo attractive?
Interesting Subject – Quality Light – Harmonious Composition

Do you like travelling?
At any opportunity. If I won the lottery, I’d take my camera and honestly, I don’t think that I’d ever stop (think “Wolf of Wall Street” with a camera – minus the Quaaludes). I spent 6 months travelling and working throughout Africa when I was younger I still get excited telling those stories.
I hope that Wedding photography will continue to help me satisfy this wonder lust.

What is there in your work that brings you joy?
Meeting wonderful, crazy, loved-up people and quenching my creative thirst.

Is there anything in your work that you don’t like or even hate?
A small minority of vicars that just don’t understand the important role that photography has to play in documenting such beautiful life events. A wedding should be celebrated and captured for what it is. I understand that some photographers may give us all a bad name.
Twice I have been forbidden to take photographs throughout a wedding ceremony. Twice an angel fell from heaven 😉
Once I was told to wait outside! What in heaven’s name is Christian about that?

What should future newlyweds pay attention to when looking for a wedding photographer?
Firstly of course, they should really love the kind of images I shoot. Secondly, we should all get on like a proverbial house-on-fire. I become friends with all of my couples before their wedding and more often than not, remain so for a long time after.

When travelling, what do you usually take with you & why?
Passport might be handy?…wet-wipes & US Dollars.

How do you improve your photography skills?
Don’t ever be content – it’s too close to conceit (and not just in the dictionary)..

Have a best-loved joke? Share it with us!
I used to work with kids for 15 years so I pretty much know them all….”What do you call a man with no shins?” “Tony” 🙂

Cats or dogs?
Both but I once had a magic lurcher named Timber – probably go dogs at a push.

Do you hate anyone or anything? Who or what?
Injustice & salad cream.

Do you shoot wedding photos only?

Life is great thanks to:
Swimming in the sea & laughing in the face of adversity.

If you have a chance to shoot a movie, what genre will you choose?
Film-noir revenge comedy??