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Love Shines Through All : A Quintessential Dorset Village Wedding

“Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.” – Emily Wing Smith

Sometimes being a wedding photographer leaves me surrounded & often astounded by True Love.
Lu & Jim’s wedding day was by no means any exception. Will & I were made to feel so warmly welcome and were showered with  smiles throughout a most quintessential English summer day.

Will & I set out, a little reticent the day of the wedding, unsure how Lusea would be feeling. Having drawn her curtains that mid-summer morning, chance had drawn its own hand, dowsing the countryside for miles around. Having kept one eye on the forecast all week, the weather was now set in and destined to be undeniably wet, the whole day.

However, there was no need for concern! Upon our arrival, Lusea was beaming like a Greek isle at noon and adorned as a Grecian goddess herself. All worry had been spent and today her eyes glittered like the Mediterranean.

It was easy to see why. Joy abounded everywhere. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. Lusea’s family & friends were bustling and bristling with anticipation, filling Lusea’s family home with warm affection; towards each other, and their bride. It was as plain to see as a summer’s day.

The joyous day continued as we marched out unfettered; umbrellas as banners, unfurled aloft under the bruised yet most excellent canopy of the English countryside. James was waiting – adorned with a brolly, and a grin (as is his way) – at St John the Baptist’s Church, Symondsbury, deep in the heart of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The couple were wed simply, amidst cascades from the heavens and earthly tears alike. The panoply now proceeded on to Symondsbury Manor for a fine feast and some furious toe-tapping.

So many thanks to my great friend, highly skilled and keen eyed wedding photographer Will Wareham, for kindly accompaning me down the A35, through the mists and out the other side, and for capturing some most magical & memorable moments. Here are just a small selection of our favourite photos: