In association with Will Wareham Photo

What a wonderful summer wedding. I’ve known Paul & Matthew for several years now and it has always been plain to see, the true love that they share for one another and the genuine fondness that everyone has for them. What’s a little less apparent perhaps, is Matt’s penchant for travelling in decadent style, sipping sparkling wine in a stretched limo, accompanied by his ‘groomsmaid’ entourage; but no-one would begrudge him that!

It was such a privilege to witness this happy occasion and to see Matt & Paul’s friends & family, all bristling with excitement and brimming with warm affection. They were blessed with the most perfect sunshiny day, filled with sunflower smiles, sparkling eyes and dancing that went on late into the night.

So many thanks to my great friend, highly skilled and keen eyed wedding photographer Will Wareham, for kindly accompaning me to the beautiful Parley Manor and for capturing some most magical & memorable moments. Here are just a small selection of our favourite photos: