Blog Post written by Miles Cooper :

Photographs by Dan Bold

Dan Bold Photo-1

“Let’s start at the venue, where the couple prepared for the ceremony and returned to for a day and night they won’t forget. Set in the picturesque location of Etchingham (East Sussex), the twosome and the guests enjoyed the brilliance of Thomas’ father’s country house, complete with gorgeous gardens, flowing fields, stylish marquee (Tipi Unique) and even a lake complete with its own family of ducks.”

Dan Bold Photo-3

“The setting for the reception really was unbelievably stunning, with enchanting views at every turn… unfortunately it’s unlikely Thomas’s father will be hosting your wedding there, but Shawn’s delightful choice of church is always an option. The ceremony, held in the nearby St. Mary’s Church, in Ticehurst doesn’t only benefit from being situated in a charming traditional English village, but also by Reverend Tim Mills, a one of a kind Vicar full of character and wit.”

Dan Bold Photo-5

“And what better way to document a one of a kind day with a one of a kind photographer – Dan Bold. As you can see from his photographs shown here, Thomas and Shawn made an astute decision in hiring the WPJA award winning wedding photojournalist.”

Dan Bold Photo-6

“Adding to Dan’s own unique blend of creative-cinematic documentation was the Horsebox Photo Booth, perhaps one of the most original wedding photo booths we have seen. The booth itself may be vintage (and superbly so) but the automated system inside is flawless and the props unique and distinctive.”

Dan Bold Photo-15

“To top off a truly extraordinary day, the guests were treated to a surprise from the ‘Singers in Disguise’ from Soprano Bella. Dressed as fireman the trio entered just after dinner (excellently catered by Emma Ainslie) declaring the marquee fire was a hazard to health – only to astonish everyone with a hugely entertaining half hour performance. Everyone attending had beaming smiles from ear to ear throughout and couldn’t resist storming the dance floor for the grand finale.”

Dan Bold Photo-16

“And it was at the dance floor where the party let their hair down and enjoyed the talented performance of the Serious Hat Band, who can now add Thomas and Shawn to their list of clients, amongst smaller names such as Gordon Brown and HRH the Queen.”

Dan Bold Photo-17

“We left Shawn, who planned the entire day, admiring her cake, creativity, dress, décor, food, florist, entertainment… we could go on here so we’ll stop. We admired everything about the day and everything about the couple, who couldn’t look more happy or beautiful together. A wonderful day we won’t forget.”

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Many thanks to Videographers Miles, Richard & Milos from the very talented