Larmer Tree Gardens – Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, UK

I was first contacted by Shereen & Dave back in June last year. Since then, I’m pleased to say, I have had the pleasure of making two firm friends. After having only exchanged a small number of emails & spoke briefly once on Skype, they kindly invited me to stay at their home in London! I jumped at the chance; getting to know my couples personally before photographing their wedding tends to makes the images a whole lot more personal & therefore the moments captured, more intimate.


What also helps is getting them used to having their picture taken. Shereen & Dave – I don’t think they’ll mind be saying – were a little reticent about being photographed. Following my visit I suggested meeting up again and heading out to shoot some portraits of the two of them somewhere familiar and without time pressures that a wedding will often involve.

Our pre-wedding photo shoot involved heading out for dinner the first night, drinking beer and cheering on Wales in the world cup. It’s astounding how allegiances can alter in times of adversity! (Game of Thrones taught me that.) Well, I did go to University in Cardiff and Dave’s Gran is at least Half Welsh, from what I recall, so… rather cosmopolitan one might say!

The following day however we did venture a little further afield and here are a few images to prove it – Pre-wedding photo-shoot

Whilst Dave & I were keen to fabricate exotic cultural identities in this instance, Shereen kept quiet, and when it came to discussing forthcoming wedding plans it became clear that she beat us both hands down in the trans-global-gene-pool stakes. Her mother is of Indian decent but grew up in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) and her father is Scottish. Ah… touché.

Upon spending time with Shereen & Dave, it was only too evident that a “traditional” wedding was far from their mind’s eye. “We love the Larmer Tree as it offers a perfect mix of grandeur – creating a sense of occasion and informality – meaning it’s not stuffy or stiff. We love that it offers something a bit left field, and unusual and just pray we can make the most of the outdoor space on the day.” Shereen Docherty 

Well, I can confirm that this is exactly what they did! Here are a handful of images from their wonderful wedding day, to prove just that..

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